A single platform for data management, analytics, integration and process automation.

Platform Highlights

Zero code data management

Design data structures and build APIs with zero code


Connect to over 50 enterprise applications

Advanced analytics

For users to derive meaning from organizations' data assets

Key Use Cases

Master & Reference Data Management
  • Multi domain data modeling: Customer, Product, Asset, Supplier, Location, Finance, etc
  • Supports bulk import/export, real-time upstream and downstream data synchronization
  • Security and governance
Retail Cross-sell Up-sell
  • Enable changes to contextual offers without code
  • Manage customer interactions and preferences
  • Enable self-service capabilities for partners to manage co-branded campaigns
Smart Cities Data Hub
  • Master data management of a variety of assets
  • Collect and analyze IoT sensor data in real-time
  • Real-time decisioning using geospatial capabilities
Customer Onboarding
  • Lead to conversion lifecycle management
  • Product catalog and eligibility validations
  • Rule definition master to enable self-service onboarding
Digital Payments
  • Build and deploy your own secure digital payment products
  • Complex validation and routing rules
  • Single source of truth for all payments in the enterprise
Risk & Compliance Management
  • Exception and alerts management
  • Anti Money Laundering checks
  • Enforce limits and manage financial exposure


How ODP works in order to out perform

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